One of your favorite health websites on internet, was marked as SPAM on Pinterest on Sep 3, 2016.

Everything was going good until one Saturday morning, Pinterest marked us as spam. Later, they removed 99% of our pins from Pinterest without any prior warning and marked our site as spam for the remaining one. We conducted an online research for answers and came to know about something called Pinterest Mafia which may be what that have caused this whole dilemma. Having said that, we need your help to get us back on Pinterest!

Here is How You Can Contact Pinterest To Help Us

  • Use this URL:
  • Select the following options (also shown in the image below):
  • What do you need help with?… select Using Pinterest/Edit settings
  • Tell us more… select Profile
  • I still need help!
Pinterest Help 1
Pinterest Help 1

Now fill in this form and submit the details as listed below.

  • Title for your message“Not able to pin” or choose any which you would like to know.
  • Description – Tell Pinterest about our site url ( and let them know that you are interested to pin from our site [type the website name]. You are not able to do it right now.
  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Pinterest Username(
  • Submit
Pinterest Help 2
Pinterest Help 2

Also, please spread the message and help us to reach as many friends and readers as possible. We warmly welcome your thoughts and feedback about the issue in the comment section below.

Thank you in advance to all of you and know that your continuous support is much appreciated!